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At the beginning of this project, I was working on something completely different. I was going to do a short film. I had written the script and found locations, actors and props however, the second lockdown went into play the week of filming and I had to come up with something new. I had little to no experience with knitting before this project. Sure, I've made a scarf full of holes with my grandma but other than that, I knew nothing about knitting. I'd first seen the cardigan being worn by Harry Styles. I'd also seen a couple of people try to recreate it and really, it was just some squares sewn together. Not too difficult. So I decided I'd make it. The first square was a disaster. It was full of holes and took literally two hours to complete and I'll be honest, I was seriously regretting choosing to make it. I did decide to do some things differently from the original such as leave the collar out completely as it was way out of my skill set and not do the red and black combined square as once again, I didn't know how and my attempt at it was horrendous. I started at the end of June and I'll be honest, it took a lot longer than it should've done due to procrastination on my part. However, I'm extremely proud of it now that it's complete and might even try to make something else.


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